No. And back home it's baking again. I just want a happy medium - cool & dry. Maybe I should move to Iceland? :D

Oh, I think that might’ve been via Phosh on Manjaro or Mobian one of them. Ubuntu is part of this evening’s testing fun.

It hasn’t rained for like 2 months. I decide to climb a big hill? Of course, have some rain.

Though that last note - and this one - were sent from the thing so it's working 'adequately'. At the moment.

In to the "Every time I fix an issue, something else breaks" stage of setting up a Linux phone :-D

More writing OSes to phones’ internal storage. More crossing fingers and hoping I’m not creating expensive bricks.

A fresh Manjaro first. Sailfish is far down in the queue to try because I know it best.

It's "flash a new OS on a phone" time. Wish me luck…

Maybe that’s what they do! 🤣

An app called ‘Photomyne’ in no way sounds like it’s totally going to sell all your personal data 😂