"What's he up to now?" - some admin in MI6


"coopey is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported." BUT TO WHOM?!

I plan to take them down from the inside somehow. Keeping my eyes on ending the UK one day…


I am employed by the UK government so I don’t think that’s going to happen!


I don’t know. It was a waste of time meeting to discuss something that is a waste of time.
The fact my time got even more wasted was already ramping up my annoyance! 🤣


Let’s harness that energy and use it for something useful, maybe.

Wait in MSTeams 20mins for meeting. Then snooty email arrives haranguing me for not turning up. Quite angry.

I bought £5 of XLM many years ago, I cashed quite a chunk out late 2020 / early 2021. That £5 has bought £300 Nintendo for my kid, a £330 phone for me a £30 takeaway and £180 worth of house stuff and I still got a chunk left.
If I’d had the money to put in back then I’d be laughing from my own tropical island now! 😁😁😁



“The easiest way to get rich in a gold rush is to be the guy selling the shovels.” to paraphrase an old business associate.
cf trading domain names


I don’t want to watch a video of your face just write it in a blog post ffs