PinePhone shouldn’t be everyday phone part 78: latest updates on Manjaro/Stable seems to have broken SMS :(

I’m not sure I quite believe it either - but it was interesting to think about.

I read the other day that it’s because they’re made out of memories only, so every part is something that happened/exists in your brain, then even if the result of mixing all the parts is actually something new nothing triggers the “this is weird” response. (As I understood it anyway.)

About 1 month ago I had an idea to make something. Rushed to see if the perfect domain was available. No. Sadness - some jerk reg'd it first.

Today I found out the jerk who owns the domain is me, having reg'd it 2 months ago.

Oh, that's not quite accurate. I probably know Maemo the best.

Just realised I've tried a dozen OSes on new phone, but haven't tried it with the one I know best. Good ol' Sailfish. (Wish me luck)

None of those _quite_ fit…

Is there a word for the feeling you’ve forgotten to do something, but everything’s tixked off your to-do list?

I’m hoping to replace a creaky old Lubuntu laptop, a woefully underpowered Windows 8 tablet, and a Sailfish 3 mobile phone with a PinePhone. So when I plug it in to the monitor I can use a desktop environment- which is how I think one of the variants with Plasma will eventually win out.
Have the option of dual-booting though…
Tomorrow it’s Sailfish, Nemo and Maemo 7’s turns for testing.


Am using it now - as mobile interfaces go it's my favourite new one so far. The beauty of Plasma with the speed and ease of Phosh.
Seems faster than PostmarketOS but slower than Mobian or Manjaro (with Phosh) mind.
If the device was _only_ going to be a mobile telephone then I'd probably stick with it…