This handheld computer is nearly as old as me but look how gorgeous it is:

It's the random things breaking without me having changed anything that I then have to hunt down to fix. Sometimes it's Manjaro's fault though. I miss Maemo.

Successfully talked myself out of buying a domain name "that would make a cool site", because I know I don't have the time to actually develop the site. Mature now, me.

Almost joined a Matrix room about Plasma before realising I spend a lot of time criticising it. I might not fit in too well there…

"What's he up to now?" - some admin in MI6

"coopey is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported." BUT TO WHOM?!

I plan to take them down from the inside somehow. Keeping my eyes on ending the UK one day…

I am employed by the UK government so I don’t think that’s going to happen!

I don’t know. It was a waste of time meeting to discuss something that is a waste of time.
The fact my time got even more wasted was already ramping up my annoyance! 🤣

Let’s harness that energy and use it for something useful, maybe.