Mums are the best. Mine was 29 when I was in my twenties and still "her baby" despite being an adult who was quarter of a metre taller.

It kind of is. I've been telling everyone in new office that I'm one year younger than I am because I haven't had my birthday yet as far as I'm concerned!

Genuinely feel like a year is missing. Just said St Louis Blues were reigning NHL champs. Sorry, Tampa Bay.

:-D It's all too much?

So, how are you doing today US friends?

I've no idea - I'm guessing with the figure in gallons it's an American figure. Washing the SUV every week and daily watering that super green lawn perhaps?

Bit of everything really! A few tangential blogs/sites that had their own sites/domains back when I was a lot more prolific. Hosting my own photos instead of using Flickr. Backing up stuff I rely on other sites for (e.g. Pinboard for bookmarks, for scrobbles)


I do live in one of the few nations that actually exports water too, so it's not imperative that I ration or anything.

According to the internets, the average person uses 80 gallons of water a day. In English that's 363 litres. I use less than 70 litres. Which is kinda a source of pride, but also a worry - do I smell? :-D

:-D I've been planning on combining stuff from everywhere on to one site for a while - and by 'a while' I mean since Posterous closed many years ago!