Me: "This'll take 5mins";

Terminal: "oh ho ho, you've forgotten how to use git you silly boy"

Erm… 🤣

I got 20% of planned stuff done today, which beats the 0% from last week.

Just caught myself complaining about my 3rd covid vaccine and realised it is an actual ‘First World Problem’ and I should STFU

I’m usually a 3er, but have had two 4s and (eww) a 5 this week ☹

Every time I try to delete unwanted conference crapware app ‘Kongress’ an additional icon appears on my homescreen. Lovely.

No no - I paid for the backorder 16 years ago. Just GoDaddy are so bad I’ve transferred it to multiple domains (you can reassign the backorder if they’re unsuccessful) and they’ve failed every time until now.

A GoDaddy domain back-order worked. 🎉

I reckon I paid for this 16 years ago.

I have seen quite regularly on the Twitters recently - there's lots of UK politics to discuss at the moment and that's a more natural forum for it.

I've been sitting here trying to work out what I've forgot to do today. This post has reminded me - it's tv day! :D