Another thing my high school physics teacher told me was impossible looks likely to be proved right.

"Trust is Our Product™" 😂

Seems I didn't trust Gemini before because my now-deleted account only has throwaway info in it, but I certainly don't now. And I suggest you don't either.

Ah, I mean WebFinger not Finger. Similar principles, but WebFinger is slightly less old-school!

"Gemini is Built on Trust, Safety, and Compliance." says an organisation that sold or leaked the unique email address I used to sign up to "CyberBrokers" who sent a phishy email just minutes earlier.

"More fun with WebFinger" is a tricky article title to describe to someone who has zero tech knowledge.

Oh. 😂

Swish! Congratulations.
Nice glass-y reward too.

I've started leaving messages for webmasters in my 'user agent' when I visit non big-tech sites. Just to get a shout out in their analytics reports.

Less than $3 (USD) per month. But the machine was weak. do a $6+tax/mo plan that I think would come up to the minimum spec required.