Just had my first promo email with 'spooktacular' in the title. Can only imagine how bad it is for Americans right now.

:-D Or my existing Nokia phone! Funnily, I was in DOS yesterday - quick game of original Civilization just to give my brain a work-out.


Does that new HMG Nokia phone feature Snake and Facebook? Could I “beat [my] score in Snake”?

They only mentioned it 257 times in their press release so I’m not 100% sure…

Backing up my scrobbles mostly. They turned off their old API and RSS feeds a while back and I've not kept up.

Also will do a 'now playing' widget for website.


Today is poking around the LastFM API day. Which I'm guessing is going to be fun.

Such a diva…

Mostly stopped using Trello because to get in I now have to log in twice. But on the second ask I just close the window.

Oh, 8tracks was resurrected in April. Just FYI.

OpenID Connect Dynamic Client Registration 1.0 - this has fried my brain for today. Zzzz.

I'm re-reading the series - ready for the final book that is due (hopefully) soon. Hoping to time finishing book 8 in time for book 9 to land.
I'm just about to catch up to the end of the tv series though, so am probably going too fast.