Holy moly, then by my rough calculations I must be approaching the big 15000. I don’t feel I’ve had that many days and it feels like I’ve probably wasted some!


I’m guessing it’s a mistake. Not going to hurt to reset the thing if it continues along this path. Or return it to the store!


Also, I have authors I want to support who are misguidedly Amazon-exclusive - does anyone have a way to strip DRM out of KFX/.azw books?

And of course, since the update it doesn't recognise computers when plugged in to add new books. Marvelous.

I noticed my eReader update itself the other day. "Thought I would've turned that off, why does an eReader need to update?" I think to myself.

Just made a little ‘Seinfeld’ bass noise as I entered a room like it was a scene change and it made me happy, so that’s my new thing.

I can't _see_ how this Gemini server works. Absolute magic. 400 lines of code that I broadly understand but can;t work it out. Witchcraft.

All the economic and health benefits of making my own bread are somewhat negated by the fact it’s so tasty I eat a third of the loaf in one go.

I might actually try that next time. 😁


Where can you find the motivation to complete menial, pointless tasks? Asking for me.