So, unable to do it mega-cheaply I've abandoned my self-hosted Mastodon instance. I think if I was one of those always-online people I might reconsider, but I don't see any point in burning $$$s.


Stop pointing out how lazy I am! 🤣

Rural Scotland for me, you could see the usually-too-faint clouds of stars but nothing quite that good. My corner of the world is way too industrialised for such beautiful skies ☹


Done such an excellent job stocking the freezer I've qualified to represent Wales at the Tetris World Championships

Something socially useful. Sadly, all that stuff is poorly paid as it’s not valued by UK govt ☹

😂 good to hear!

I hope everyone who lives in my computers is ok?

I won’t be much help if you’re not, but we can be miserable together

Mood: I’ve written up my resignation letter for work

(I don’t have a new job yet - so stopped myself in time)

After 5 weeks, a load of software updates & tweaks, and eventually just jabbing a screwdriver in to it - the PinePhone keyboard finally works.