Probably using Docker based on my experiences with it! :-D

(This success is me successfully posting to 10C from elsewhere…)

A third try…

Juicy! My daughter always stops to harvest the bushes near me, they never look quite this tasty though.

It seemed so. Compared with previous and subsequent neighbours they generated sooooo much heat - they must have had the heating on all the time. Or maybe it was a cannabis factory!


I used to live above someone who had their heating on all year. 30 degrees (100F) and they're still cranking it out - made summers even worse especially as it's a modern building with all the proper insulation in walls and roofs.
On the plus side my heating bills for winter were minuscule e.g. that recent winter with the massive snowfall I turned a radiator on just once for about an hour for the whole winter!


Hi, everyone! Hope you're all well?
Sorry I've not been around for a while.

Maybe no trek fans have a spare $123? :-D

I'm a member of Electoral Reform Society as well as a party that supports STV-PR (per Republic of Ireland's system) so I've got dozens of reports and market research bits showing what our various parliaments' compositions would potentially be under a other systems and it always seems _fairer_ even though the same parties would win and some of the more unpalatable parties get seats - the price for believing in democracy I guess.
But I think the UK probably would have gotten into the same mess with a different system and the same two main parties; but I reckon one way or the other it would have been sorted by now (as a fairer voting system would give electorate a chance to punish parties more easily).