In to the "Every time I fix an issue, something else breaks" stage of setting up a Linux phone :-D

More writing OSes to phones’ internal storage. More crossing fingers and hoping I’m not creating expensive bricks.

A fresh Manjaro first. Sailfish is far down in the queue to try because I know it best.

It's "flash a new OS on a phone" time. Wish me luck…

Maybe that’s what they do! 🤣

An app called ‘Photomyne’ in no way sounds like it’s totally going to sell all your personal data 😂

That’s only my list to try! I have about 8 OSes to try on the device before settling on a final choice

Jittery display output, unresponsive touch, randomly locking the device, messing with display brightness every few seconds are my main ‘user’ problems. Going to flash and try again.

I’m actually feeling angry at how bad Plasma/Manjaro is and that I have to flash a device after maybe 5 minutes of use. And by use I mean entering my name, connecting to wifi and looking at the settings menu.

I might shop around a little, yes 😁