This is better than because it has more Ys. Sign up now:

"It is believed the citizens of the prison colony, mostly convicts from England, prayed to spirits known as kangaroos that would traverse the land delivering small presents from their pouches to good children on Xmas Eve".

I particularly find the quirks caused by a human error beautiful. Any one of them could reach the status of a myth in a few hundred years.

"Melbourne was a city on Earth located in what is now the southern desert, few records remain but those that do indicate it was dominated by a huge obelisk of religious significance"

I love quirks like this…

Microsoft Flight Simulator has some amazing bugs, glitches, and mountain-high obelisks:

Might never take any more tests and then I can't ever score lower.

That's worse than the 84% I got on a test last month, severe downward trend.

Scored 5/7 on something and I'm livid. What's that - 72%? Rubbish. :-D

Far too organised. Find out about issues when you suddenly notice something's not working. But then I'm not responsible for anyone else's resources anymore so I have that luxury.

IF "sender" contains "[email protected]" OR "[email protected]" THEN move to 'Spam'

Sending emails people can't reply to is in the same bracket as those people who phone you and play a recording.

😂 Though if you were breaking them often at least the local glaziers will be giving a frequent customer discount!