AbeBooks: You recent bought book 8 in this series. Can we interest you in the following: [book 1] [book 2] [book 3] etc… :-D

It cost me £80 (~€100/$120 at the time) so I try to make sure I get a much use as possible out of it to avoid that feeling! :-D


Have you tried doing all the albums in order one after the other? I did this a few years back and it was really interesting to hear that the style had changed & somewhat softened over the years - but always sort of felt like it was anchored to what came before.


Trialing switch from LibreOffice to ONLYOFFICE (better MS compatibility). Saved a 12kb file as a PDF - 18.2MB! Saved it via macOS print->save as PDF and its just 1.8MB.

Yeah, I kinda wish I'd held on for a few more months and got that one.



:-D I got the little adapter so charge it on the desk with a lightning cable from the Mac. I only plugged it in to the iPad to charge once and could see if I persisted that was getting snapped!


"I have to charge my pencil" is a sentence I never would have guessed I'd ever say.

:-D you're right of course.


I just did a LinkedIn Assessment for skills in PHP and either it was really easy or I actually have knowledge.

How much were you paying before?!