Pfizer vaccine side-effects update: craving broccoli. This has never happened in my life.

:-D I seem to ‘get’ it. Which equal parts fantastic and worrying.

Do people build libraries to interact with APIs because they're scared of cURL?

Thanks for the tip. I've just done the same! :)


10C fix, posting from afar

Already failed at the former!

With the occupying government. Plan is to take them down from the inside eventually.
It pays more than the average for my area, but that's more a reflection of the poor economy here than a generous government!

And is quick to shame me! :-D

Hi! Hope everyone is ok?
Kinda dropped off from posting here/generally when new job started. So congrats me for taking that seriously, I guess.

Owncast looks like a welcome alternative to Twitch, Facebook Live, etc: