Mostly stopped using Trello because to get in I now have to log in twice. But on the second ask I just close the window.

Oh, 8tracks was resurrected in April. Just FYI.

OpenID Connect Dynamic Client Registration 1.0 - this has fried my brain for today. Zzzz.

I'm re-reading the series - ready for the final book that is due (hopefully) soon. Hoping to time finishing book 8 in time for book 9 to land.
I'm just about to catch up to the end of the tv series though, so am probably going too fast.

If my work contract hadn't ended a couple of weeks back then I'd agree :-D

Everything technological I own is breaking or getting lost at the same time. Today, my Android test phone is missing.

They seem to have market sewn up over here based on what I've seen so far!

The stylus for my graphics table has given up after nearly 20 years. Can anyone recommend good modern ones?

As an aside - .social is $22pa for renewal at (and about $5 for new registrations)


Indeed, but at least I can upload it to the required service!