I like the way that two people being injured is relegated to the seventh paragraph, yet news that the celebrity parasite that helps rule an out-of-date nation and its subjects is ok is prominent. And the Grauniad is supposed to be a republican publication!


I'm unable to access the admin panel for that account - the account name is my email address (stripped of . & @) and the email address is my long, randomly-generated password for this account. I've not set a password so no idea how to log in!
To be clear - it's the "@mesimoncoopeynet" that I created in error, when trying to sign in to this account.

Oops - this was me trying to sign in on the signup form - there's no way for me to access the account to delete it.
Is there any way this post & account can be deleted?
// @mesimoncoopeynet

What's up gang? Hope y'all are well.

It looks dated and it's not even been made yet!
I'd see Jolla/Sailfish as the barometer to live up to rather than Canonical/Ubuntu and they're barely making ends meet…

Hi everyone.
I've been super-busy and not checked in for a while. Hope everyone is well?

(Not that I can do much to help if you're not for the vast majority of you. Sorry).

Related - I used to peel the 'Windows XP' stickers off work PCs and stick them to calculators. A few jobs on and I still have the same calculator, apparently 'Ready for Windows XP' which makes me chuckle every day.

FYI renewals for .social domains are ~$22 at porkbun.com

That is gorgeous!