That thing where an equals sign appears in a seemingly random place. (Testing a reply to see if fixed).

It's probably more than that, but it's not like even one a week or anything.


To import/merge on updated site - "nearly 20 years of blog posts". Sound impressive until you see it's about ten posts. :-D


About to go to bed. It's 20:00. :-D


Probably daily for the first 6 years, then a newer desktop machine took on the bulk of the work :-D
I don't like to throw things out, I use them until they're used up - if I hadn't moved countries twice I'd probably still have my original iMac!

Disappointed because I missed my laptop's 15th birthday and I should have commemorated its longevity.

We just had a week of mid-30C (90F+?) here. My Cymro-Hiberno-Scandinavian genetics can't cope with it. Absolutely drained me and I didn't really do anything!

Is there such a thing a scale of tiredness? I'm about a 7 on mine. zzzzz.

:-D I've done so little internetting for so long every tiny success is major once again.

Probably using Docker based on my experiences with it! :-D