I had a month (and a bit) away from the internet. I've tried to avoid news a bit too. It's been quite refreshing. I understand why the ignorant seem generally happier!

I'm supposed to be 88kg, but passed that in 2011 and am still waiting to get back :-s
Good job!

This one looks much cleaner!

Today is the day I learned why I hate transferring WordPress instances to new hosting. (Because it sucks).

@kdfrawg Wait, does that help?! :-D

That's pretty standard tbf - it's one of those internal rather than external problems. Trying drinking tea…

Just need to concentrate on just one thing long enough to get just one thing done. Please, universe? (And if you're willing to share concentration-boosting ideas, I'm all ears!)

Hello! Thank you.

Hi! Think I've found my way around now. Pretty nifty site; I tip my hat to you, sir.

It has a timeless quality to it, no? More so than 'My first {post type}' :-D