I took a month off news sites recently, and I genuinely felt happier. Woefully under-informed at "the water cooler" though.

Don't make me start sharing photos of my discarded half-written envelope collection…

Fair point. Though I am enjoying being an occasional passive consumer at present - no pressures to be interesting or amusing.

I certainly hope not! (I don;t think anyone would choose to venture there…)

is boring old man now

Hi. I still pop in and read some posts, but usually someone's already said what I was going to say so I quietly leave.

I had a month (and a bit) away from the internet. I've tried to avoid news a bit too. It's been quite refreshing. I understand why the ignorant seem generally happier!

I'm supposed to be 88kg, but passed that in 2011 and am still waiting to get back :-s
Good job!

This one looks much cleaner!

Today is the day I learned why I hate transferring WordPress instances to new hosting. (Because it sucks).