And breaks the easiest!

Not these days - it's all home-grown, organic, free-range HTML now!

You know there's that person who has a classic car, only it's in several bits around their garage? That's my website.

Just had my first promo email with 'spooktacular' in the title. Can only imagine how bad it is for Americans right now.

:-D Or my existing Nokia phone! Funnily, I was in DOS yesterday - quick game of original Civilization just to give my brain a work-out.

Does that new HMG Nokia phone feature Snake and Facebook? Could I “beat [my] score in Snake”?

They only mentioned it 257 times in their press release so I’m not 100% sure…

Backing up my scrobbles mostly. They turned off their old API and RSS feeds a while back and I've not kept up.

Also will do a 'now playing' widget for website.

Today is poking around the LastFM API day. Which I'm guessing is going to be fun.

Such a diva…

Mostly stopped using Trello because to get in I now have to log in twice. But on the second ask I just close the window.